Kazakhstan is not such an Old-emerged country as it was a part of Soviet Union. After getting independent, it has got marvelous potential and gained tourism potential. The southern part of the country has monuments from the part, including mosques and madrassahs. The capita of south region is Almaty and it is an economic center, along with many attractions and happening nightlife. The north region has visitors attracted towards the new developments and spacecrafts.click here to read more about Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has many historical monuments from the past centuries. The medieval architecture is represented in Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Turkestan. There are many rooms in this national heritage covered by the largest dome having 18 m diameter. There are many monuments gracing the place with beauty and history. There are more than 25,000 historical, archeological, monumental and architectural arts in the country. The county has border of mountains and there are peaks of Alatau seen in the city of Almaty. There are many landscapes and Beauty Mountains worth watching in the country.

Travel notes of Kazakhstan

Lake Balkash is a natural point of beauty having uniqueness of half salty and half fresh water. It has a length of 600 km surrounded by deserts and sand dunes. It is a center of attraction, along with another Lake named Burabaj. The coast of this lake has birch forests and pine trees, which is an exclusive combination. Kazakhstan has created Bayanaul National Park for protection of flora and fauna in North-East regions of the country. for further details, click on : https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/kazakhstan.html

Almaty is the most beautiful city of the country and it is located near Trans-Ili Altau Mountains. It has the perfect combination of conventional and latest structures of building. Another wonderful thing about the country is Charyn River, which leaves a great impact on the travelers. Singing Dune is another marvelous monument of nature and it is situated on the banks of Ili River. The wonder of this place is that the sand remains at one place all the time without changing its place; even when the winds blow at high speed. The humming sound produced by sands can be heard for several miles and hence, the place is quoted as ‘Singing Dune’.…