Kazakhstan is a massive nation in Central Asia inhabited since a long time back. The place has an area of 2.7 million sq km and population of approximately 16.2 million. The capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan is Astana and the existence of inhabitation of this place is recorded much before the Stone Age.

The place has a great potential in tourism industry and consists of some beautiful places to be visited. Kazakhstan is a center of tourism for its mystique and mystery and especially for the people looking for something surprising and new.

Climate and Geography

Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world with a huge area. It became the leading country in economic and general growth among the adjacent Eurasian nations. The republic is rich in natural and oil gas and hence, has immensely developed in the upcoming years. Kazakhstan has diverse phases of nature, including forests, high altitudes, deserts and wonderful landscapes. It has a blend of all the scenic beauty with diverse beauties. There are warm summers and cold winters in the area, which makes it suitable for diverse flora and fauna concepts and nomadic pastures. for further details about climate and geography of Kazakhstan on : http://www.britannica.com/place/Kazakhstan

Information about Kazakhstan

Culture and People

Kazakhstan is the center of Europe and Asia in cultural, social and economic ties. The nation has people belonging to different cultures and nationalities. The modern Kazakhstan has originated with the culture having blends of various concepts. You might have seen that the area has attained popularity in the game of football. The nation has a vast land lot and it is approximated that there are 5-6 Kazakhstanis for every km of land. The common languages spoken are Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar and Uzbek. Russia is the official language spoken by the people of Kazakhstan.

Attractions in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has many historic monuments with tourist attractions and well-developed transportation system. The residents are also hospitable and the place has beautiful landscapes and wildlife. There are many preserves, national parks and unique places, which make Kazakhstan a beautiful place to live and even visit as a tourist. There are underground mosques near Caspian Sea or heights of Altai Mountains, which is a unique thing in itself. There are many modern hotels in the metropolis of Kazakhstan, which corresponds to the highest world standards of hotel industry and they are not too hard on the pocket. there are many exhibitions taking place across the country for attracting people around the globe, people comes from all over the world to attend such events these events include selling of french bulldogs, culture painting, heritage promotions etc.


The major food of Kazakhstan region is based on meat, which is the requirement of natives to keep warm in the cold weather. They also eat blended European dishes like rice, pasta, potatoes; along with the meat stock. Kazakh cuisine is getting popularity due to its balance between meat, starch, veggies and lots of other things. Five Fingers (Beshparmak) is the national dish in several parts of the nation and highly loved by the natives and even the people coming from other regions. There is decent vegetarian food available for the people not interested in meat food. Kazakh cuisine is presented in many regions of the world due to its popularity and food value.click here for more about food of Kazakhstan.