Kazakhastan is a beautiful country located in the mid of Eurasia. It is between the world powers China and Russia. It was under the common Soviet Union and became independent in 1991. It is the 9th largest country in the world and has its landscape beginning at lowlands in the west side. It is the best landscape in the lowlands in the western area.

Khan Tengri is situated near Almaty, which is the main city and former capital in the country of Kazakhstan. It is termed as seven-thousander called in the mountaineering circles. It is having pyramid shape with geometrical patterns. The red color of sunset was named as ‘Kan Tau’ among the nomad tribes of Kazakh. for related information, click on : http://www.travelkg.narod.ru/government.htm

Kazakhstan landmarks also include Charyn Canyon. It is also called Grand Canyon or Little Kazakh brother of the Grand Canyon. It has its own unique beauty, which is different than its American associate. Charyn Canyon is situated in the east side, about 200 km from the Almaty. It has the area of 154 km along Charyn River. It has the popular part having unusual formations, which is called the Valley of Castles.

Kazakhstan Landmarks not to be missed

Singing Dunes are another beautiful region when you are in Kazakhstan. It is 3 km sand area producing various singing tunes and the best weather conditions. The Aral Sea shouldn’t be missed in any way. If you are looking over the Kazakhstan area on the Google map, you can get an awesome view of the Google Satellite map. This landmark has most incorrect human activities and hence, it has lost its reputation. The Aral Sea lost 90% of volume for the incorrect usage of sea water for artificial rice and cotton fields. click here to read more about Singing Dunes.

It’s the landmark who has gained a bad reputation due to the incorrect human activities. Once among the first five largest lakes of the world, the Aral Sea lost 90% of its volume within a few decades of incorrect usage of the sea waters to artificially feed the rice and cotton fields. Cosmodrome Baikonur is the space launch site in the world for long range missile center. Kazakhstan is a great country historically, economically and geographically.